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Ceiling Fan Repairs and Installation

Be Cooler with Ceiling Fan Repairs and Installation Services

Do you want to swap out your standard lighting fixture for one that is both elegant and functional? Want to get the air moving to help you stay comfortable year-round? Discover what a difference a ceiling fan will make in any room of your home or office – and how we can help with ceiling fan repairs and installation services.

Winter or summer, running a ceiling fan can help you increase the comfort levels in any room while also decreasing your overall energy usage. A ceiling fan set to rotate counter-clockwise disperses air-conditioned air throughout your room to help you stay cool during the summer. Setting your fan to run clockwise in the winter can also help redistribute heated air throughout the room.

When you are considering installing a ceiling fan, turn to the professionals from Hinson Mechanical Company. Our experts have the skill and training necessary to install or repair any ceiling fan. Because ceiling fans are connected to electricity, this job can be dangerous if not done properly. With our knowledge, you can rest assured your fan will operate safely for many years to come.

Repair Your Old Ceiling Fan

Does your ceiling fan look like it’s about ready to fly off the ceiling? There could be some loose screws or other problems that are causing it to be off balance. Don’t risk your safety trying to figure out the problem. Our experts will come in and get all of your repairs done quickly. Take advantage of our friendly service and affordable prices.

Enjoy the pleasure and savings that comes from using a ceiling fan today. Our dedicated professionals are standing by ready to get to work on your ceiling fan repairs and installations. Click or call us at 704-289-4283 to schedule your services.

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