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Electrical Panel Upgrades and Repairs

Keep Your Home’s Systems Running Safely

Your electrical panel is that bulky board where all of your electrical circuits and wires are linked. This panel divides all of your systems in a way so that no one system becomes overloaded with electrical current. Each separate switch operates a different appliance or part of your home.

Generally, large appliances like washers, dryers, or refrigerators will run a dedicated circuit within the panel. Smaller systems, like bathroom electricity, run off of another current.

You may discover that if you have several things plugged in inside the bathroom, as soon as you turn on the hair dryer, the power goes out. This is the result of an overloaded circuit.

When you trip a circuit, you have to go to your electrical panel to find that circuit and switch it back on. If you live in an older home, your electrical panel may not be suited for the amount of electricity that is used today. Every few years your panel should be inspected to make sure that it is up-to-date with current codes and able to handle the demands your electrical usage puts on it.

Complete Your Electrical Upgrades and Repairs the Safe Way

Our dedicated team at Hinson Mechanical Company has over 34 years of experience working on repairs and upgrades for all types of electrical panels. Let us be the first to tell you to never try to handle this dangerous job on your own. Don’t be one of the many homeowners who make the mistake of trying to do electrical work only to become electrocuted because you aren’t familiar with how the systems operate. Our team will come in and be able to complete the job quickly, safely, and to your complete satisfaction.

Don’t wait any longer to complete your electrical panel upgrades and repairs, contact us today. Our certified technicians are standing by ready to go to work. 

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