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Packaged Systems

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  • Carrier Performance™ Series Packaged Systems

    Carrier Performance™ Series Packaged Systems

    The Performance™ Series packaged systems are Carrier’s most efficient all-in-one system for your year round comfort needs. This system contains a gas furnace and electric heat pump so that during the winter months, you are using the most efficient source for the conditions.

  • Carrier Comfort™ Series Packaged Systems

    Carrier Comfort™ Series Packaged Systems

    This packaged system from Carrier is all-in-one home comfort system. Providing you with cool air or warm heat, this is an energy-efficient system that your wallet is sure to appreciate.

  • Lennox Packaged Air Conditioner

    Lennox Packaged Air Conditioner

    For those homeowners who live in areas with hot summers and mild winters, this packaged air conditioner system is the right choice for you. This system is design with an efficient blower motor that will boost your comfort and reliability you can count on.

  • Lennox Packaged Heat Pump

    Lennox Packaged Heat Pump

    This system from Lennox provides the ideal cooling temperature to homes in warmer climates. The Lennox Packaged Heat Pump systems remove any heat from the air inside your home and moves it outside. This process is in reverse during the colder months, maintaining a comfortable setting for your home.